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Equipment List


If you have a favorite store please send us the name and information at

The Softball Group (Formerly Sports USA)

24001 Via Fabricante, Suite 906, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, 949-215-0481

The Gluv Clothing -

Dicks Sporting Goods - Laguna Hills and The Shops at Mission Viejo

Monkey Sports - Irvine


Equipment Supplied by the League:

  • AVGS jersey
  • Socks

Equipment Supplied by the Players:

The following equipment requires specialized fitting and must be procured by the Players prior to evaluation day. For new players it may be helpful to visit a store that specializes in softball gear to get properly fit.

  • Fielding Face Masks
    • 6U required for all players
    • 8U required for all players
    • 10U required for all players
    • 12U, 14U required for pitchers and infielders
  • Softball cleats
    • Comfortable softball cleats are very important.
    • Metal cleats are not allowed.
  • Black Softball Pants
  • Glove
    • Match glove to ball size. If your division plays with an 11″ ball, use an 11″ glove MINIMUM. A slightly larger glove is acceptable too (11.5″ or 12″). Larger gloves will be heavier & harder for young players to use.  Store your glove with a ball in it.
      • 6U and 8U - 10" ball
      • 10U - 11" ball
      • 12U and 14U - 12" ball
  • Batting helmet with face guard
    • Necessary whenever a player has a bat in their hand.
    • Must have face guard attached to the helmet.
    • Make sure the helmet and face guard are "NOCSAE" approved.
    • Make sure the helmet fits properly. Player should shake and nod their head with the helmet staying snugly in place. DO NOT look for larger sizes to grow into. Find one that fits now and it will last.
  • USA Softball-approved bat
  • Equipment Bag or Backpack - Necessary to keep track of your glove, batting gloves, bats, helmet, water bottle, etc.

Recommended Additional Equipment:

The following equipment is not required, but is STRONGLY recommended:

  • Sunglasses - Children and adolescents are especially vulnerable to the sun's rays because their ocular lenses aren't yet mature and can't filter UV light as effectively as adults, causing damage to the retina. The average child takes in about three times the annual UV exposure of the average adult, and an estimated 25% of a person's lifetime exposure occurs before age 18. (ref)
  • Sliding Shorts
  • Knee Pads
  • Batting Gloves
  • Catching Gear - If your player has had some experience catching and plans to continue, she may want to procure her own personal catching gear that may be a better fit than the league-supplied gear.


Coaches are supplied with large equipment bags for the duration of the season. These bags contain:

  • Catcher's helmet, chest protector and shin guards.
  • A case of regulation softballs
  • Batting Net
  • Extra Bat and batting helmet