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Spring Evaluations 8U, 10U, AND 12U EVALUATIONS - August 28, 2021

Evaluations FOR ALL AGE GROUPS (Except 6U)

Evaluations held at AVGS Fields

Please e-mail  with any questions

All players who would like to pitch during the Spring season must attend pitching evaluations.  Exception - If your player has never pitched before, but plans to learn during the season, they do not need to be evaluated prior to the season.

♦ Please plan to show up 15-20 minutes prior to your assigned evaluation time to sign in and warm up.
♦ There will be no formal warm-up so the girls should plan to warm up with a parent or friend.
♦ Please wear softball attire and bring all of your equipment (cleats, helmet, bat, face mask, glove). Catchers should bring your equipment if you have it. If you don't have your own equipment you may borrow league equipment.
♦ ALL players MUST have a face mask see  equipment page

Parents, be prepared to stay for a while.  It is difficult to predict the exact amount of time that this process will take, and each year is different.  

Evaluations are NOT "tryouts" - all players are placed on teams.  Evaluations allow the coaches to attempt to form evenly-matched teams.

New players are often nervous about evaluations. They will find that it is a really simple process where they throw/catch/hit a few balls so the coaches can make sure that each team has an even distribution of new and experienced players. It absolutely doesn't matter how they do or if they even know how to throw/catch/hit! All new players will learn the skills they need during the season, so please encourage your player to have fun and introduce themselves to all their potential new teammates!

Evaluation Schedule for your player will be emailed to you 2-3 days in advance.